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What will I benefit from the subscription? 

Subscribing with Hawary will offer you the best body shape of your life and more. Your power, sleep, health, mood, intelligence, and more will improve, resulting in a positive impact on your entire life. In other words, I'll change your life for the better

I have an injury; how will I exercise?

The severity of the injury and recovery stage will be assessed. Programs necessary for achieving your goal without affecting the injury will be provided. 

I have limited exercise experience; can I execute the programs? 

The training programs will be designed according to your level, explained in videos for each exercise. Additionally, in your subscription, there is "Performance Monitoring," which helps you correct and perform your exercises with the best performance. 

The gym I go has limited facilities. 

The training programs will be entirely designed to help you reach your goal, considering the facilities available at the training location. 

Can I achieve my goal by exercising at home only?

You can reach your goal at home with minimal equipment by designing suitable programs for you and applying scientific training methods. 

I travel a lot; how can I reach my goal?

Training and diet systems will be constantly adjusted during travel according to the training location's facilities and available food types, making it easier for you to commit and reach your goal. 

I have only one hour a day for exercise; can I still reach my goal? 

One hour or less can be sufficient to reach your goal. Training programs will be designed to fit into your daily routine. 

Can I achieve my goal by going to the gym only twice a week?

The programs are scientifically designed to bring you as close as possible to your goal. 

There are types of food I don't prefer.

Your diet will be designed to exclude any undesired food and include a variety of food types. 

I don't know how to cook; can I implement the diet? 

The diet will be simple in ingredients and easy to prepare. 

I don't want to use supplements; can I still achieve my goal? 

Supplements complement what's missing from your diet, but your diet contains all necessary nutritional elements, sufficient for reaching your goal. 

When will I get a response? 

A response will be provided within 24 hours of sending your message, considering time zone differences. 

When will I receive the programs? 

The programs will be ready within 72 hours after receiving the required information and completing the payment process. 

When do the training and diet programs change? 

The training programs change entirely every four weeks, and evaluations are conducted every two weeks based on the achieved results to decide whether to continue with the same diet or make changes.